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Monitoring Occupational Diseases
and tracing New and Emerging
Risks in a NETwork

MODERNET (Monitoring trends in Occupational Diseases and tracing new and Emerging Risks in a NETwork) was founded in 2008 as a collaboration between academic centres investigating occupational disease and work-related ill health incidence in a few EU countries (United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, Italy, Finland and the Czech Republic).

After support from the European Union funded COST (Cooperation in Science and Technology) programme was obtained for the period 2010-2014: ISCH COST Action IS1002 Modernet, a network for development of new techniques for discovering trends in occupational and work-related diseases and tracing new and emerging risks. The Action’s objective was to develop a network for exchange of knowledge on, and setting the basis for comparative evaluation and development of new techniques to enhance the information on trends in ODs, on discovering and validating new OH risks more quickly (data mining, workers’ and physicians’ reporting coupled with novel statistical techniques) and use of modern techniques to discuss and disseminate information (platforms, social media).

Between 2010-2014 the network could grow involving 12 more European countries (Norway, Iceland, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Croatia, Romania, FYROM, Albania, Malta) and 1 institute from Australia (Monash University, Melbourne). It is important to underline that the link among the participants’ institutions and the capacity of working together was so effective that, even after the end of the EU funding, the network continues to function through the collective work and resources of its members.

Your privacy is important to Modernet.  This privacy statement provides information about the personal information that Modernet collects, and the ways in which Modernet uses that personal information.



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