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Category: Published

Member’s tip for an article

Our Modernet colleague Sofie Acke send an interesting article for other members. It is recently published by Canadian researchers. Cancer risk among firefighters and police in the Ontario workforce I present you with the abstract here. If you click the link underneath, you can download the pdf for free from the publisher’s site. Abstract Objective Firefighters …

Interesting view on de developments in ODs from Slovakia

I came across this article on Occupational Diseases in a broad context (history, figures, modeling, legal issues etc.). I saw it mentioned the Modernet network and our work on comparing systems. It might be interesting to our members and others. Please find underneath the abstract and the link to the free available pdf. Regards, Annet …

Review pneumococcal outbreaks at shipyards

During our meeting in Berlin 2020, we discussed the pneumococcal outbreaks on shipyards in recent years, based on the presentation on this topic from our Norwegian colleague Tor Erik Danielsen. There were also reports from Finland and France. In the early summer, one of our students used the literature research for her bachelor thesis to …

Recent articles on MODERNET topics

Modernet is a network of occupational physicians, researchers, industrial hygienists of different organizations dedicated to occupational health. Our members publish articles on a wide variety of subjects. Here we present some recent articles on MODERNET topics of interest to our visitors. If any of you have articles to “promote” here, please let me know with …

Work-Related Diseases in Norwegian farmers

Our Norwegian colleagues at the Norwegian Labour Inspectorate, Yogi Samant, Hans Magne Gravseth and Tonje Strømholm recently published an article in the Journal of Agromedicine. It is based on our sentinel event registry for work-related diseases and may be of interest to other Modernet members. So please find here the abstract and the pdf of the …



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