COST Actions meeting in Milano

COST Actions meeting in Milano

A successful collaboration between two COST Action: SACURIMA and Modernet

Former COST Action MODERNET and current COST Action SACURIMA (Safety Culture and Risk Management in Agriculture) organized a meeting together on historical ground: at the “Clinica del lavoro Luigi Devoto” in Milano on Friday, September 20, 2019. They collaborated in the workshop “Improving reporting of occupational diseases and promoting safety of agricultural production

Modernet members at meeting in Milano 2019

Health and Safety in Agriculture

COST Action COST SACURIMA is running under the leadership of Prof. Risto Rautianen and Dr. Jarkko Lappala, from Arkansas and Finland. SACURIMA’s main objective is to explore the reasons why agriculture, one of the sectors considered most dangerous in Europe, is constantly lagging behind the improvements made to health and safety at work in other important economic sectors. In fact, statistics to date show that agriculture is always classified among the most dangerous occupations. However, important differences exist in mortality, injury and national disease rates in the different EU countries. This is often due not to real differences but only to the use of different reporting systems. 

More than 60 delegates from all Europe and 3 from USA participated in the event, mainly aimed at discussing how to improve occupational disease prevention programs and data collection systems an agriculture. Since these objectives are strongly linked with the ones of the COST action Modernet, the event saw the participation of a delegation of this previous Cost Action. Present were Prof. Colosio, the organizer of the event and member of the CORE group of the past COST action Modernet and of SACURIMA, Prof. Lode Godderis, current chair of the Association Modernet, created after the end of the Modernet COST action, Prof. Stefano Mattioli and Dr. Stefania Curti, past members of the Managing Committee of the action. Also delegations from Eurostat (Dr. Matthias Fritz), ILO (Dr. Shengli Niu), and National Italian Institute for Insurance of Occupational Diseases and Accidents (INAIL, Dr. Vincenzo Laurendi) were present, together with experts in epidemiology and occupational medicine.

The event focused on the need of improving health and safety in agriculture and fighting against underreporting of occupational diseases and accidents in the sector, and the discussion created new opportunities and ideas for developing activities in this direction, together with good chances of networking. It is very nice to see how a COST action already closed can still give significant contribution in already running actions.

Claudio Colosio and Federica Masci

Program of the meeting

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