COST Modernet Meeting Zaragoza

9-11 April 2014
Venue Etopia


Workshop (Dominique Bicout) on “Observational Surveillance” (OS);
The aim of the workshop will be :
1) – to succinctly outline the background of the OS concept,
2) – to present and show how to use the software DIMO allowing performing the OS
3) – to illustrate the OS on examples of databases
4)- to have a brief discussion on which schemes’ databases reported in Modernet could benefit from the OS.

Plenary presentation of finished work in WGs (Chair: Stefano Mattioli)
A comparison of trends in the incidence of occupational diseases across 10 European Countries (2000-2012),
Jill Stocks and WG2
Can we detect rereporting fatigue and what are the consequences for estimating incidence and trends in work-related disease from voluntary surveillance schemes?
Roseanne McNamee
Trends in Work-related mental disorders (WMD) by industrial sector in France from 2001 to 2011,
Maylis Telle-Lamberton
Comparison of prevention effectiveness of actions in British and French occupational surveillance data,
Lynda Bensefa-Colas
The contribution of MalProf Surveillance System for the prevention of occupational diseases in Italy”
Guiseppe Campo/Adriano Papale
New and emerging risks (Chair: Claudio Colosio)
Detecting emerging risks for workers and follow-up actions; presentation of the RIVM report and the set-up of a Dutch expert group, Nicole Palmen
Development and first results of an online tool for reporting and assessment of new occupational health risks by occupational health physicians in the Netherlands and Belgium, Annet Lenderink
Hearing loss in pig breeders: an emerging agricultural disease? Gaia Varischi, Claudio Colosio
“Methodological” Talks (Chair: Vincent Bonneterre)
Methods for evaluation of the impact of national interventions to reduce work-related ill-health: a comparison,
Roseanne McNamee
Data warehouse for the detection and evaluation of trends of occupational diseases in OHS surveillance data,
Lode Godderis
Posters up in exhibition area 5 min. presentations in meeting each
Low-back pain disorders in the Czech Republic and EU countries, Andrea  Laštovková
National profile of chemicals management in Albania Arben Luzati
Burn-out syndrome in the Czech Republic, Sergey Zakharov
Updates of the Czech List of Occupational Diseases, Daniela Pelclová
Miscellaneous (Chair: Annet Lenderink)
New Modernet members present themselves in a few minutes
The Rise and Fall of Chronic Solvent-induced Encephalopathy (CSE) in The Netherlands,
Gert van der Laan
DGUV – The German Social Accident Insurance, Gerald Wanka/Stefan Gravemeyer
Use of administrative databases for the active search of occupational diseases: a case study on musculoskeletal disorders. Claudio Colosio, Gaia Varischi
TB in Health care workers in Ireland – Peter Noone
Burnout and work engagement in hospital physicians and nurses: prevalence, determinants, and consequences.
Lode Godderis – KU Leuven, Belgium
Project of centralization of biomonitoring data of the French workers. Mounia El-Yamani



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