Modernet and SCOM (Scientific Committee on Occupational Medicine) organized two joint session at the EPICOH conference in Edinburgh, United Kingdom.


28 – 31 August 2017
Venue: Edinburgh International Conference Centre

Eliminating Occupational Risk: Translating Research into Action

Full program of sessions

SCOM – Modernet session 1

  • Anthony Seaton – Who would have thought it? The unforeseen problems of disruptive technologies (INVITED KEYNOTE)
  • Ilse Louwerse –  Characteristics of individuals receiving a disability benefit and predictors of leaving the disability benefit scheme. A 5-year follow-up study.
  • Camilla Ditlev – Sedentary work and risk of venous thromboembolism
  • Leon Guo – Daytime workplace noise exposures lower than occupational criteria can disturb nighttime sleep
  • Helen Kelsall – Longer term physical health and wellbeing in Australian Gulf War veterans, 20 years after deploymen

SCOM – Modernet session 2

  • Stefania Curti – Findings from the first year of MAREL: The Italian network on work-related diseases
  • Lode Godderis – Different approaches for early recognition and prevention of new and emerging work-related diseases
  • Annet Lenderink – Methodologies to identify work-related diseases: in-depth description of selected of sentinel or alert systems
  • Matthew Gittins – Accounting for reporter fatigue and excess zeros when estimating the true rate of Work-Related Ill-Health in a voluntary reporting surveillance scheme.
  • Paul A. Demers – Initial Results from a New Canadian Occupational Disease Surveillance System
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