ILO 100 years old and looking to the future

ILO 100 years old and looking to the future

The International Labour Organization (ILO) has its centenary anniversary in 2019 and will start a year of events to celebrate. The official World Day on 28 April 2019 will be the beginning of worldwide activities to continue throughout the rest of the year. One of the main discussions will be on the future of work, looking to the future with its major changes in technology, demographics, sustainable development including climate change and changes in work organization.


The ILO will also launch a global report, sharing the story of 100 years in saving lives and promoting safe and healthy working environments. The report attempts to capture the evolution of safety and health from before the inception of the ILO in 1919 to date, going through the major turning points that have influenced this field and have influenced the way ILO has contributed to improving safety and health at work. The report will touch upon the changes in work arrangements, technology (digitalisation and ICT, platform work, automation and robotics), demographics, globalisation, climate change, and other drivers that are affecting the dynamics of safety and health and the nature of professions in this area.

33 Think Pieces authors

Think Pieces

To add further depth to the discussion, the ILO features 33 original think pieces from the real faces of the occupational safety and health community from around the world who will share strong messages and testimonials on OSH and the future of work from a variety of expert and practical aspects.

We are proud to let you know that among the 33 pieces there are five written by Modernet members: two by our Chair Lode Godderis, and one by Yogindra Samant, Nicole Palmen and Annet Lenderink. You can check them out on the ILO website on the page 33 Original and Exclusive Think Pieces

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