Interesting view on de developments in ODs from Slovakia

Interesting view on de developments in ODs from Slovakia

I came across this article on Occupational Diseases in a broad context (history, figures, modeling, legal issues etc.). I saw it mentioned the Modernet network and our work on comparing systems. It might be interesting to our members and others. Please find underneath the abstract and the link to the free available pdf.
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Miriama Piňosová, Miriam Andrejiova, Miroslav Badida , Marek Moravec

Occupational Disease as the Bane of Workers’ Lives:
A Chronological Review of the Literature and Study of Its Development in Slovakia. Part 1

Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2021, 18, 5910.


This article not only offers a chronological overview of the development of occupational medicine, but also offers a summary of occupational diseases recommended by the ILO and legislative decisions that have influenced how we approach assessment today.

We consider that these areas form a whole in which they cannot function without each other, and they would lose their relevance if the system was collapsed. By excluding even one part of it, we would find ourselves at the beginning of the era of occupational medicine, and a large number of employees would once again be exposed to conditions that previously led to considerable illness and mortality of employees.

The article also examines legislation and the development of occupational diseases in Slovakia in the period 1997–2019. Using basic statistical methods and time series, a trend model for the time series of the development of the number of occupational diseases over the last 20 years is created. The modeling also includes a forecast for the development of the number of occupational diseases for the next 5 years. The model created shows a favorable, decreasing trend in the number of occupational diseases in Slovakia.

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