Modernet COVINAR

MODERNET COVINAR to share experiences to prevent and detect COVID-19 as an occupational disease.

Modernet is a network of experts and scientists with an interest in new and emerging diseases. The coronavirus has led to many infections and deaths in workers and work situations. Not only in healthcare but far beyond. So far, only limited data are available on how work contributes to the spread of the infection, what are the riskiest jobs and conditions, and how we can confirm the work-relatedness of the disease. Hence, besides the so-called essential workers, other employees, such as teachers, hairdressers, retail workers, etc. can contract the virus in their work.

In many countries, COVID-19 has already been recognized as an occupational disease to compensate for the consequences of the infections. However, major differences exist between countries both in the diagnosis as in the criteria for compensation.

In this COVINAR (= Online webinar on COVID-19) we aim to share national experiences on the study of work-related factors of COVID-19, the trends, and recognition as an occupational disease (reporting and compensation schemes). We also have a specific interest in testing (PCR, serological, …) and contact tracing (apps, …) in occupational settings, in occupational intervention and prevention examples, and in the long-term effects of the disease and how to handle those.

Where: Online

When: October 15 2020
time slot depending on the extent of the number of presentations

We welcome now abstracts until September 15, 2020. Read more about that by clicking on the button underneath.

Call for abstracts



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