Modernet meeting Košice, Slovakia

31-1-2019 and 1-2-2019

Mind the work to preserve the health

Venue of the meeting: Kongres Hotel Roca, Juzna trieda 117, Kosice 040 01, Slovakia


Participants list

Abstract book



Session MIND

Gerard Lasfargues – Trends in burnout and work-related mental diseases in France

Jelena Bakusic – Brain-derived neurotrophic factor as a biomarker of occupational stress exposure and burnout

Margita Mesárosová – Psychological correlates of burnout in helping professions

Marek Varga – Risk factors of burnout between physicians

Session Cancer and Work

Riitta Sauni – Cancer incidence among Finnish male cobalt production workers in 1969-2013: a cohort study

Dirk Pallapies – Epidemiological evaluation of exposure-response relationships for crystalline silica and risk of silicosis and lung cancer) implications for regulation and prevention

Mounia El-Yamani – Assessment of occupational exposures to carcinogens: should gender be taken into account?

Riitta Sauni – Roadmap on carcinogens progress

Slavomír Perečinský – Occupational cancer in Slovakia

Session Systematic approach

Henk van der Molen – Dutch guidelines for occupational musculoskeletal diseases: examples of exposure criteria for subacromial pain syndrome, knee osteoarthritis and non-specific low back pain

Sofie Acke – Scoping review: infectious disease risks associated with occupational exposure among non-healthcare workers

Lode Godderis – From clinical cases to epidemiological evidence: alert systems in the Belgian context

Session Body

Henk van der Molen – Impact of occupational musculoskeletal diseases at a national level. The Netherlands as an example

Eleonora Crespi – Wrist district as a target for biomechanical risk in milking parlor workers: an emerging occupational risk?

Lenka Murínová – Prevalence between Dupuytren’s disease and occupational exposure to hand work and hand transmitted vibration

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