Modernet meeting Lodi

Program 8 September 2015, Lodi, Italy

MODERNET 2.0:  What is new in identifying work-related ill health?

Venue: Room Serena, in building of the Local Health Unit, Piazza Ospitale n. 10, 26900 LODI.





Session Presentations on Modernet topics

Nicole Palmen – Prioritization of new and emerging risks (NERCs)

Louise Hussey – Psychosocial factors associated with work-related mental ill-health affecting different socio-economic workforce groups

Matthew Gittins – Reporter Fatigue and the influence of excess zeroes on estimating the true incidence rate un voluntary reporting health surveillance schemes

Consol Serra – Identification of occupational diseases in a tertiary care hospital

Matthew Gittins – Towards a shared classification of psychosocial factors in work-related mental-ill health

Session New Occupational Health Risks – case presentations

Lode Godderis – Rhizarthrosis (basal thumb arthrosis) through money counting

Jill Stocks – Isocyanate monitoring in motor vehicle repair

Gert van der Laan – New and Emerging Occupational Risks in Agriculture: strengthening knowledge transfer

Annet Lenderink – Late effects of acute intoxication with permethrin in anti-spider spray

Jorge Costa David – EU-Strategy OSH

Session New collaboration projects

Annet Lenderink – EU-OSHA Work-related diseases

Lode Godderis – COST Action ToxBrain



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