Modernet meeting Prague

20-21 October 2016

Venue: Hotel ILF,
Budějovická 15/743 140 00, Praha 4 – Michle

Occupational and environmental diseases; from nano-problem to big data


Abstract book meeting Prague


Presentations and posters

Session Nanoparticles: exposure and biomonitoring in the workplace

Saou-Hsing Liou – Biomonitoring of exposure and health effects in nanomaterials workers: Updated status of nano-epidemiology

Gerard Lasfargues – Anses and overview of activities on nanomaterials

Marcello Campagna – Environmental exposure to ultrafine particles in Southern Sardinia, Italy: a pilot study of residential exposure nearby and inside a military airport

Caroline Marie-Desvergne – Methodological developments towards biomarkers of exposure and effects to nanoparticles

Francesca Larese – Skin exposure to nanoparticles

Session Nanoparticles: workers’ health issues

Dhimiter Bello – Chronic upper airway inflammation and oxidative stress following nanoparticle exposures in photocopier operators

Malcolm Sim – Immunological and Respiratory Effects among Workers Who Handle Engineered Nanoparticles at work

Véronique Chamel-Mossuz – Evaluation of nanoparticles exposure and their respiratory impact among airport workers – Focus on exposure assessment using exhaled breath condensate

Daniela Pelclova – Workers exposed to (nano)TiO2 have elevated markers of oxidative stress and inflammation in the exhaled breath condensate

Session Big data, systems and trends

Claudio Colosio – Health surveillance of workers: A pilot study on the status of application of the Directive 89/301 CE in EU

Delphine Rieutort – Use of French medico-administrative databases for hypothesis generation regarding occupational risks in agriculture

Henk van der Molen – Missing values in estimates of incidence occupational diseases: learning from data of Dutch construction workers

Annemarie Money – The relationship between age and the reported incidence of work-related ill-health

Dominique Bicout – Ranking occupational contexts and non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

Session Sentinel and alert systems

Jelena Bakusic – Review on sentinel and alert systems to identify new and emerging work-related diseases

Annet Lenderink – Creating a bibliographic reference base for new and emerging occupational health risks

Begoña Martínez-Jarreta – Early warning systems to detect new and emerging work-related risks and diseases in Spain

Chiara Foresti – Internationalizing SIGNAAL: the Italian version in pilot phase

Nicole PalmenEarly warning systems to detect new and emerging risks, e.g. cancer, in Europe

Gert van der Laan – Strengthening the Occupational Health Expertise and Scientific Performance of Public Health Institution of Turkey ESPrIT (H2020 Twinning Project)

Session (New) Occupational Diseases

Melanie Carder – The use of a Job Exposure Matrix to refine national estimates of the incidence of occupational asthma

Jill Stocks, David Berk – A survival analysis of vibration-related occupational disease and implications for evaluating interventions

Pierluigi Cocco – Sleep disorders in shift-workers and drivers: an occupational and environmental health concern

Riitta Sauni – Pulmonary inflammation in foundry workers

Dick Spreeuwers – Occupational Diseases caused by Hexavalent Chromium Exposure

Philip J Landrigan – Children’s Environmental Health: The Problem and the Solution


1 Anila Bello- Exposures to Reactive Chemical Resins in Construction: Developing Data-Driven Interventions

2 Dhimiter Bello – Occupational exposures to nanoparticles along the life cycle of nano-enabled products: A decade of research in perspective

3 Melanie Carder – Work-related long-latency respiratory disease in Great Britain: 1996 to 2014

4 Zanna Martinsone – Occupational exposure of nano-scale oil mist/spray in the metalworking industry

5 Stefano Mattioli – The Italian network MAREL and new occupational diseases

6 Henk van der Molen – Occupational disease guidelines for signaling and prevention of occupational diseases: two examples for lumbar herniated disc disease and stress-related disorders

7 Cristina Pavan – Revisiting the physico-chemical causes of the pathogenicity of silica with synthetic quartz crystals: crystallinity versus surface disorder.

8 Daniela Pelclova – Are nanoTiO2 sunscreens useful to prevent oxidative stress caused by UV irradiation?

9 Marek Varga – Mycobacterium abscessus – rare occupational disease. A Case Report

10 Martijn Schouteden – Exposome approach on the IDEWE database for the surveillance of work-related problems

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