November 2019 additions to NERDB

November 2019 additions to NERDB

NERDB is the New and emerging risks database. This bibliographic database is an initiative of Nicole Palmen and Annet Lenderink with the support of Modernet and is currently powered by Obvibase.

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On the website we will publish from this month on regular updates on new disease – exposure combinations we added to the database. Currently, we have 218 entries. Ordered by year in which the abstract is published

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Last new entries

Rolf Merget, Ingrid Sander, Manigé Fartasch, Vera van Kampen, Stefani Röseler, Hans Merk, Gerda Wurpts, Monika Raulf, Thomas Brüning Occupational generalized urticaria and anaphylaxis after inhalation of cefuroxime in a nurse. Anerican Journal of Industrial Medicine Volume61, Issue3 March 2018

A case is presented of a 53 years old nonatopic female nurse who experienced repeated anaphylactic reactions at work without involvement in drug‐specific tasks such as crushing of tablets or preparation of injections. The causal allergen was not identified until a further severe anaphylactic reaction occurred after the oral use of cefuroxime during a respiratory infection. Sensitization to cefuroxime was demonstrated by specific IgE, basophil activation test and skin prick test. An inhalation challenge with a dosimeter induced generalized urticaria after a cumulative dose of about 10 μg of the drug, but no asthmatic reaction. Complete exposure cessation was initiated and a 1‐year follow‐up was without further allergic reactions. We conclude that work‐related systemic allergic reactions to β‐lactam antibiotics may occur in nurses after inhalation of low doses and without perceived association with drug‐specific tasks like handling of antibiotics.

Patro M, Gothi D, Ojha U, Sah RB, Vaidya S Blowing Balloons and Pulmonary Talcosis: An Uncommon Hazard. Indian J Occup Environ Med. 2019 May-Aug;23(2):90-92.

A 65-year-old nonsmoker man presented with bilateral upper lobe conglomerated calcific opacities with basal reticulations. The patient denied any significant occupational exposure. The repeated and persistent inquiry revealed an intense exposure to talc 20 years back, from blowing balloons stained with talc powder for a period of 1 year. To the best of our knowledge, only one case has been reported in the past with talcosis due to balloon blowing.

Mette Schou Nissen, Zara Ann Stokholm, Mette Skovgaard Christensen, Vivi Schlünssen, Jesper Medom Vestergaard, Inge Brosbøl Iversen, Henrik Albert Kolstad. Sinonasal adenocarcinoma following styrene exposure in the reinforced plastics industry. Occupational and Environmental Medicine 2018;75:412-414.

Sinonasal adenocarcinoma is a rare disease, expected to have rare causes and potential for strong risk factors as reflected by the strong association with occupational wood dust exposure. High-level styrene exposure is a rare and suspected carcinogen, and this study examines the exposure-response relation between occupational styrene exposure, sinonasal adenocarcinoma, and other subtypes. We followed 73,092 styrene-exposed workers from 1968 to 2011 and identified sinonasal cancers in the Danish Cancer Registry. We modeled cumulative styrene exposure and estimated incidence rates and age, sex and wood-industry adjusted ORs. During 1,585,772 person-years, we observed nine cases of adenocarcinoma, corresponding to a fivefold non-significantly increased OR for estimates of high versus low cumulative styrene exposure (OR 5.11, 95% CI 0.58 to 45.12). The increased risk was confined to the exposure received during the recent 15 years. The other histological subtypes showed no increased risk. This study suggests an increased risk of sinonasal adenocarcinoma following styrene exposure. The observations are, however, few, confounding from wood dust exposure cannot be ruled out, and additional studies are needed before firm conclusions can be drawn.



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