Pay your membership on the website

Pay your membership on the website

Modernet is an international membership association, in which members are individual persons – involved in work or dedicated to research into the objectives of Modernet.

Why be a member in good standing

Modernet has members and asks them to pay a small annual fee to help us run this voluntary association. Being a member will give you the possibility to attend our meetings and get a discount on the meeting fees. But before you can use this privilege, you have to be “in good standing”, which means you must have paid the fee for the current year.

Anyone who wants to become a member, should send his or her personal details (name, email, affiliation, country) including a short CV to our Chair Lode Godderis 

New payment methods available

Become a member for 25 euro per year, running from 1-1 until 31-12

Payment for this year is due on 31 March.

From now on, it is possible to renew your Modernet membership by paying the annual fee through the website. Please go to the ticket shop and choose the appropriate ticket. There are several payment methods available.

Besides that you can also pay directly into the Modernet bank account

KBC Leuven attn Modernet
IBAN: BE13  7370 4433 8339

From this year, you can also join Modernet through this link to pay by credit card:



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