Workshop on Identifying Emerging Risks from Chemicals

Workshop on Identifying Emerging Risks from Chemicals

Our Modernet member Jelena Bakusic participated in the WHO workshop on Identifying Emerging Risks from Chemicals. This workshop took place on 20-21 February 2019 and was hosted by RIVM at Bilthoven in the Netherlands. A short report on what was discussed at the meeting underneath.

New and emerging risks of chemicals – NERCs

The main objective of the meeting was to bring together institutions from developing and industrialized countries with expertise in and expert knowledge of methodologies and systems for the identification of emerging risks to human health from chemicals. The workshop gathered 48 experts from 32 different countries, who shared and exchanged their knowledge in this field.

The first morning session included the presentation of the existing methodologies and approaches identified through a literature review and a stakeholder survey completed by 30 institutions from the WHO Chemical Risk Assessment Network or institutions involved with relevant networks or systems.

The goal of this session was to provide enough input for the afternoon discussion, in the form of World Café. During the World Café, workshop participants discussed questions related to signaling methodology in smaller groups. During the coffee breaks, participants had an opportunity to learn about different system implemented in various countries, which were available on the posters displayed during the workshop.

The focus of the second day of the workshop was on the role of the Network in identifying emerging risks. After the morning presentations, participants discussed these roles in smaller groups and reported the main conclusions at the end of the day. Moreover, possible follow up activities for the Network were identified, including sharing further information with the wider Network and training. These activities will be taken forward by the workshop participants.

Short summary on WHO website



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